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What We Do

Through behavioral health care in Rockville, Maryland, we strive to address our patients' unique circumstances, and journey with them towards mental wellness.

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Medication Management

Tailored medication plans optimizing treatment outcomes.

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Psychiatric Consultation, Evaluation & Intervention

Insightful evaluations, facilitating targeted mental care.

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Holistic and Integrative Treatment

Harmonizing your overall mind, body, and spirit.

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Brief Group Therapy

Time-efficient therapy, yielding rapid results.

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Patient Education

Knowledge empowerment for informed health decisions.

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Tele-Psych Stress Management Treatment for Adolescent

Digital support for adolescent stress management.

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Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluations

Evaluations usually last 60 minutes and include psychoeducation and treatment recommendations.

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Follow Up Medication Management Sessions

These sessions are usually 15-30 minutes and include an ongoing assessment of the efficacy and tolerance of your medication. We will discuss making medication changes if necessary. Brief Supportive Therapy is also included in your medication management session.

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Pharmacogenetic Testing

Pharmacogenomic testing can evaluate how your genes may affect your response to medication. This may be a good option for those with multiple failed medication trials. Most insurance companies will cover this test. For more information, please click on this to visit.